Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment Micro Channel Architecture Bus Interface Adapter

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The launch of the McIDE is complete; thank you to everyone who took part!  Once the launch cards have shipped we will focus on making additional stock available (we are targeting mid-February 2023 for general availability).

The McIDE is the easiest way to add parallel advanced technology attachment (PATA) devices to Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) bus systems.  The McIDE uses the open-source extended technology integrated drive electronics universal basic input output system (XTIDE Universal BIOS or XUB) to allow you to easily connect a variety of integrated drive electronics (IDE), enhanced integrated drive electronics (EIDE), and advanced technology attachment packet interface (ATAPI) compatible devices to your system.


  • 16-bit data transfer speeds and is fully compatible with the IBM® MCA bus interface.
  • Two IDE channels support up to four devices in a variety of configurations.
  • Can coexist with other storage devices and adapter interface cards such as small computer serial interface (SCSI) and enhanced small disk interface (ESDI).
  • Removable and programmable 32 kilobyte erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) containing the XUB.
  • Onboard light emitting diode (LED) that illuminates during data transfer on channel A. The system hard disk indicator lamp (if equipped) will also illuminate during data transfer.  A terminal is provided for a user supplied LED.
  • Standard AMP power connector providing +12 volts, +5 volts, and ground.
  • Configurable channel interrupt request (none, IRQ 14, IRQ 15).
  • A modified version of the XUB to support PS/2 systems. Do not flash a version of the XUB to the EPROM that has not been modified to support the McIDE adapter.
  • Virtual serial disk drive support.
  • Support for two McIDE adapters supporting 8 devices.

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