Adapter description file (ADF) – The @71f1.adf file is required to configure the McIDE-CF adapter.

XTIDE serial drive utility (serdrive.exe) – To use the serial disk drive functionality of the McIDEiCF you need a to connect the PS/2 to a host computer via a serial port. A modern computer with a USB to serial adapter will work, and a physical floppy drive isn’t required as you can mount floppy disk images. Run serdrive.exe on the host computer to allow the PS/2 to connect to the host computer’s floppy drive. Note that the serial floppy drive transfer rates are slower than a local disk drive. See the manual for more details.

CD-ROM driver (gscdrom.sys) – You can use the optical drive driver of your choice, here is one option.

Front bracket – STL to print your own bracket for the McIDE-CF adapter

McIDE XUB (version 1.1) – XT-IDE BIOS modified for use with the PS/2.