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Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment Micro Channel Architecture Bus Interface Adapter

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The McIDE-CF is the easiest way to add parallel advanced technology attachment (PATA) and CompactFlash devices to Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) bus systems.  The McIDE-CF uses the open-source extended technology integrated drive electronics universal basic input output system (XTIDE Universal BIOS or XUB) to allow you to easily connect a variety of CompactFlash, integrated drive electronics (IDE), enhanced integrated drive electronics (EIDE), and advanced technology attachment packet interface (ATAPI) compatible devices to your system.


  • 16-bit data transfer speeds and is fully compatible with the IBM® MCA bus interface.
  • Two IDE channels support up to two IDE and two CompactFlash devices in a variety of configurations.
  • Can coexist with other storage devices and adapter interface cards such as small computer serial interface (SCSI) and enhanced small disk interface (ESDI).
  • Removable and programmable 32 kilobyte erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) containing the XUB.
  • Onboard light emitting diode (LED) that illuminates during data transfer. The system hard disk indicator lamp (if equipped) will also illuminate during data transfer.
  • Standard AMP power connector providing +12 volts, +5 volts, and ground.
  • Configurable channel interrupt request (none, IRQ 10, IRQ 11, IRQ 14, or IRQ 15)).
  • A modified version of the XUB to support PS/2 systems. Do not flash a version of the XUB to the EPROM that has not been modified to support the McIDE adapter.
  • Virtual serial disk drive support.
  • Support for two McIDE/McIDE-CF adapters supporting 8 devices.

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4 reviews for McIDE-CF

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    This device is incredible and had been needed for far too long to make good use of MCA machines. I have a PS/2 P70 I restored but whose HD is completely dead. It’s a very odd connector even as far as PS/2s go – different than other ESDI hard drives in the PS/2 line – so it is virtually impossible to replace and even if I could, wouldn’t be able to hold enough software that I wanted to put on it.

    The MCIDE-CF is perfect for this. There are only two expansion bays so I can’t afford to blow one on the card and one on an IDE-CF adapter so having the CF built in helps so much. Very easy install process with the included floppy. Only issue I ran into was at first the ROM wasn’t loading, but I figured out with the reference disk that the default config was not loading the rom. Once I fixed that it worked first time. Even the HD activity LED – wasn’t expecting that to work without running extra wires. Got a lot of plans for this machine – plenty of gaming, dual boot windows and os/2 etc. Would be near impossible without this card.

    I’ll probably be ordering another one for some other MCA machines I have that need work.

  2. Jim Millsap (verified owner)

    Works better than I dreamed. Fast, easy setup. You can’t go wrong.

  3. Torch (verified owner)

    Works flawlessly.
    I have a few P-70 systems that I assumed would become bricks when the unobtainium ESDI drives eventually fail. I read about this card on VCFED and decided to give it a try.
    It arrived in just a few days and worked first time right out of the box. It even gets along fine with my MCMASTER AOX 486 card.

    Thanks for making this available!

  4. retroPCguy (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Easily worth twice the price. Making this available is nothing less than a service to the community. Great performance, easy configuration. You’ll need to pick a BIOS location with your reference disk, and whether you want the internal CF or external to be master, and possibly interrupts if you need in your circumstance.

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