3.5″ / 5.25″ / 8″ Floppy Disk Cleaner / Cleaning Frame

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These disk cleaners were created to make it a bit easier to clean the mold and other debris off of floppy disks. The arrow on the knob lets me know when I’ve cleaned a full revolution of the disk. Both sizes of disk cleaners allow the disk to be slid into the carrier and be lightly held in place to make it easier to clean the disk surface. A Q-tip or microfiber cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol makes a great cleaner.

The 3.5″ disk cleaner keeps the shutter open, making it easier to clean the disk surface. The knob connects to both holes allowing the disk to be rotated without binding up the disk shell.

The 5.25″ and 8″ disk cleaners use a two part knob. To attach the two pieces together simply place the larger knob on the underside of the disk and use your thumbs to thread the retaining nut into place. It doesn’t have to be cranked down tightly. Once the knob is attached to the disk simply slide the disk under the retaining clips in the frame and clean the disk surface.

I have these cleaners available in an assortment of colors. If you need a specific color please reach out.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

1 review for 3.5″ / 5.25″ / 8″ Floppy Disk Cleaner / Cleaning Frame

  1. Arachni

    Made it much easier to clean the mold off of a bunch of disks that were stored in a damp basement.

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